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 I specialize in creating steampunk styled jewelry, flash drives and other artifacts.

I prefer to use solder or mechanical connections whenever possible instead of glue or epoxy.
It takes more time and planning but it makes a more solid and authentic piece.
I build each piece to have the look and feel an item that may have been in use 100 years ago.
My goal is to have people hold my work in their hands and wonder how old it is.

Steampunk USB flash drives:

These USB drives combine modern technology with the old world feel of brass, copper, glass and gears.

They have the nice solid feel of a genuine antique.

Most of the metal connections are made with silver solder and an acetylene torch.

These are very well put togrther.
All of them are fully waterproof!

The aged appearance is acheived using patinas and the natural tarnish.

I don't use paint, plastic or any fake finishes on my USB drives.

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Drive with upgradeable memory fluid filled USB drive
altered art thumb drive
Steampunk USB drive with glowing glass tail

Glowing fluid filled USB drive.
USB drive with gears under glass.
Steampunk USB flash drive USB DRIVE
steampunk thumb drive
USB drive with quartz crystal and wings. USB drive with glowing tail. Small USB flash drive
steampunk USB drive Steampunk USB key
USB drive
USB drive with light up quartz crystal. USB flash drive in glass tube
USB drive with glowing skull 

Steampunk Jewelry

My jewelry pieces come in several different styles.

Pillbottle Pendant Time Flies Pendants relic holder
Pillbottle pendants
Time Flies series
Relic Display pendants

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